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Company Branding – 3 Key Questions to Ask Your Graphic Designer

Discovering the right graphic designer to handle your company branding and any other smaller projects is extremely important but also daunting unless you know the right questions to ask. Even if a designer comes highly recommended by a business associate or peer, always go through the interview process because your needs may be very different from those who offered the recommendation.

Indeed, write down a long list of questions to ask in the interview but be sure to include these top three questions:

How much experience do you have as a graphic designer?

The old saying, “You get what you pay for,” is accurate, and many times graphic designers will charge less or offer a discount when they are just starting as a way to drum up some new business. Sure, they may know design basics, but do they have the experience of actually putting those principles to work for other clients? Do you want to pay a discounted rate for your company branding? Does their portfolio match up to their answer? (Hint: you should always check out their online portfolios before you even get to the interview process).

Do you have experience doing company branding, and will you be the one doing the work?

Just as not all photographers can successfully shoot weddings, not all graphic designers can handle company branding. If you find a graphic designer who specializes in company branding, they may not design eBook covers or website graphics. Not because they can’t but because they choose not to. Or maybe they outsource those smaller projects to another designer. It’s always convenient to find a designer who can handle a wide variety of projects, but be aware that the pricing will likely be higher. Likewise, if you’re paying a pretty penny for the work, you have a right to know who is designing the pieces you need.

Please explain your design process.

Your company branding design process is where your potential graphic designer will explain how they do things. How long it takes to get you the first draft; how many rounds of changes you are allowed; when you will start to incur additional charges to the project. If they can email you a timeline, that’s an excellent reference for you; be aware that this timeline will often depend on how quickly you communicate when you give your feedback, and how timely you pay your bill.

Never be afraid to ask questions about any service provider you think of hiring. Going into an outsourcing situation, blindly never ends well, do your due diligence. And the more clearly you can explain your needs when it comes to what you’re looking for, the easier the design process will be.

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