Is wordpress the best choice?

Have you ever considered that WordPress might be the best choice for you when building a website? Starting a website can be overwhelming by itself. Considering all the different applications available and all the crazy “web” lingo to create one, it can leave you frustrated and confused. 

Let me help break it down for ya. So, you’re getting started on your adventure; you’ve spent a whole lot of time on this endeavor, which may range from merely posting on social media to selling products on amazon. Then you realize you need a website to help increase engagement and revenue for your business to grow. Well, crud, I thought to build a website you need to know tons of code and nonsense that most people have no idea how to do. The simple answer is no; it’s not that complicated. In fact, in this fast and innovated world of technology, we have the wonderful gift of CMS or content management systems that aid you in managing your content. 

Content Management Systems That Are Available 

Which content management systems are available?

There are many CMSs available out there that you can choose from, such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, and more. But let’s not forget about all the advertised website building platforms everywhere. You’ve got Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, and many others. Oh man, it’s no wonder we start to get confused about where to even begin. One thing is for sure; all these innovative CMS’s have this in common; they are here to help you create a website faster without needing to know code. But even with all these options, one may wonder, which should I choose? 

WordPress is the Best Choice

WordPress is the best choice and always my top pick for building a website. Now when I say WordPress, I’m not talking about, I’m referring to a self-hosted WordPress site. A self-hosted website is where you purchase your domain, go through a company either with your web designer, with MightWeb, or any other web hosting company, and you buy a Linux hosting package with them. You control your hosting through what is called a Cpanel. Within that Cpanel, use the one-click install for WordPress. From there, you can start building your WordPress site.

Here are some other interesting facts about why WordPress is the best choice. 

Get started on WordPress


Let’s recap all the techy stuff so that you can get going on your adventure! Like I mentioned before, you need a domain (your web address so people can find you on the internet), and then you need hosting (the place that stores your website), then you’ll get your Cpanel operational, which gives you control of your website. Once completed, you have access to WordPress so you can start developing your site. 

Whew! That wasn’t so hard… Now what? Now you can design.

Using A Page Builder on WordPress

After installing WordPress, make sure you get a good page builder. Page builders allow you to build the pages of your website without ever needing to touch code. There are numerous different page builders out there. Beaver Builder, Divi, and my absolute favorite is Elementor. With other page builders, you usually have to piece together your page, save, and than load it to see how it all looks. Than go back and fix anything that seems off. Even just writing that sounds exhausting. With Elementor, you don’t have to do all of that!

How Elementor is Different from other Page Builders

Elementor is the best wordpress page builder

Elementor is the leading page builder within WordPress with over 3 million installs and almost a five-star rating within the for their free version. It allows you to drag and drop all of the different things you want on your page. You visually see your page built, as you’ make it. It helps you to be able to design without having to try and piece the page together with code. You’re able to see your page as you’re building it. The ability to create your website and see it come alive at the same time, is what sets Elementor apart from the other page builders available. 

Adding additional functionality to WordPress.

Another great thing about WordPress is how many different plugins are available, which allow you to create a website that is versatile for whatever you need. If you need it to be a store, use an eCommerce plugin like WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads. Are you a coach needing to book your client appointments? Use a booking plugin. Are you selling a course? Use an LMS plugin to host your course to your students. 

As you can see, WordPress is incredibly versatile. It is the best platform that you could be using to build your website. All you need is your domain, your hosting, WordPress, a page builder, preferably Elementor, and any additional plugins that you might need to make your website work the way that you want it too. 

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